Fucking honestly, what do you have against me? How come once I’m happy you just try to fucking take that shit away from me? Go fuck yourself. I fucking hate you. Let me be fucking happy for once. You fucking left me, you fucking abandoned me because you stopped caring or some shit like that, I wasn’t fucking good enough for you, and I made myself look like a fucking idiot for months because I thought you still fucking cared, because you liked to tell me you missed me and tell me you didn’t wanna fucking lose me, and you fucking lied didn’t you? I had to find that months later, unfortunately. And you know what? I managed to let you go. I managed to be happy and I found someone to be happy with, someone who I was  finally good enough for, someone who doesn’t regret me. But no, you decide to talk shit behind my back, and fucking get in-between me and my happiness, don’t you? Go lick satan’s asshole, seriously. Grow the fuck up. I’m happy now, I’m in love with someone that’s not you and I’ve got my shit together for once and for all. I’m writing a story I hope to develop for as long as I can and I’m doing amazing. And, you decide to talk shit behind me and fucking lower my self-esteem AGAIN. Fuck you. Grow the fuck up. Please, and fuck off, get the fuck away from me and never again speak my name, and burn all the shit I made you promise to keep because you deserve none of the hard work my hands crafted for you. I hope that long-awaited karma finally fucking hits you.